Off Record talks to Arch Origin

Arch Origin

Arch Origin is an upcoming music producer from Groningen – The Netherlands. After having discovered live dnb-act Pendulum, he delved into the sounds of 174 bpm music. With a constantly growing interest for experimenting with drums and synthesizers, he started production back in 2010.

In 2015 he made his debut with ‘Mesmerize / City By Night’ which was well received by artists like London Elektricity, Fred V & Grafix, and more respected producers in Drum & Bass. His vibrant and diverse style ranging from energetic syncopated beats to minimalistic glitchy grooves is what initiated his unique working area in today’s scene, warming up for Pendulum, Kove, Enei, LSB, Hybrid Minds and many more.

You can expect the integer sound of drum and bass during his DJ sets, where he brings music that has inspired him with his productions. Whether that is soulful liquid funk or crunchy techstep, it all depends on what is best for the situation.

Notable influences are: Minor Rain, Seba, Lenzman, Technimatic, S.P.Y, BCee, Nuage, Naibu and Anile.


Off Record talks to Spastik

Think Deep Recordings / Textures Music Group / Chillax Trax / Low Pass Records

Spastik is a Drum & Bass producer recently relocated to Portland, Oregon from Boise, Idaho. His status as a DJ is backed by twelve years of experience in music production and mixing.

Specializing in Drum and Bass, Spastik has produced many DnB tracks and mixes, which have been aired on local college radio stations and online DnB stations. Supported recently by Stunna on his “GreenRoom DnB” show, Atlantic Connection on his “The Future Soul Show”, and DBase on his Submission mixes. Most of his mixes are moodish and light, as old school jazz and funk is frequently implemented into his tracks. Soulful vocals and rich samples also embellish his tunes with a sexy, retro vibe.

Al Pack – Brass Tacks EP [Funkstuff Recordings]

Al Pack - Brass Tacks

Our friend Al Pack is stepping up the game with this one. The Brass Tacks EP was released just a few days ago on Funkware’s Funkstuff Recordings and we are glad to see Al finally getting more of his tunes signed.

With this release, Al Pack shows the sort of Drum & Bass he does best and is becoming known for. While no one denies his ability to produce dominant rollers that make you wanna dance your ass off, both tunes featured on this EP – namely Brass Tacks and Cool Breeze – keep it nice and chilled while maintaining the theme of most of Al’s releases – the tasty jazziness.

Being personally a big fan of Jazzstep and the sort of music Paul SG produces and releases on his label Jazzsticks Recordings, I love to hear this kind of stuff from Al Pack as well. He has shown more than often that he has what it takes to produce such tunes. For example, check Al’s tune called Bug Eyed Betty.

In my mind, Al Pack will always be the guy who produces music that evokes deep emotions and with this release he gets back to the deepness of some of his earlier work like Moments of Serenity, which led me to follow his production ever so closely and got me hooked on his tunes.

Brass Tacks EP is a release that combines light jazzy vibes with chilled tones and I’m certain it’s a release fans of the genre will enjoy.

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For those who missed the episode, we spoke to Al Pack on Off Record Show. You can listen to it here ->

Off Record talks to Zentinal



Born in Farnham, UK, Z has always had a a passion for musique from an early age,a love that grew stronger with each day.Z played piano & drums from a yound age… and later percussion & effects too in a band for 7 years with some superb times playing live- styles of World Music .hip hop to DnB all around the country with “UNITED KINGS”…
He couldn’t contain his dream of writing musique , producing & eventually starting his own label…so 2009 began the hard graft trying to learn how to produce and create and find his own sound…It soon became obvious to Z…that his love for the liquid styles was very apparent in all of his work…light or dark…Melody, Percussion & Vocals were Paramount…

An eclectic mix of influences is clear in all his work…with anything from Dub & Roots ,Soul,R&b,Funk,Hip Hop,Classic Rock,Film Score, Chilled Ambient, Garage, House, Techno & DnB can be fused into his tempo favourite genres @ 130 and 174…Z had been looking for a female vocalist ever since he started his dream in 2009…as he knew this would be make all the difference to his sound and was blessed to find the sublime raw talents of shana hype in 2013…They worked together tirelessly over the next 8-10 months to develop and create the vibz Z had been searching for…Z now has regular airplay on various web radio stations & had a superb hit with “A Feelin”…a collaboration with Koncorse feat Shana on vocals…It became clear he wanted to take the step to starting a label to showcase the musique he & shana had created…

Z then met two superb Dj’s …Phuture Dee & Oz…two very Experienced Soldiers of the scene with a sublime ear for whats hot & the skills to perform & translate that love & passion for msusique… Z took no time at all & Signed them with a view to producing two eps with them as well as taken there talents to the clubs & live sets with p.a. & live band on occasion…

The Future looks bright for ZMR…now teamed up with 2 sister labels…Nasty Phreakquency Records & Lostwood Records…covering a broad collective of genres tempos and styles…from Roots to Hard DnB…1<3ZMR…”2014 will be our time to Shine…”

Off Record talks to Jett


jett in nyc jett in nyc2

Music began fairly early into her childhood, as Jett started classical piano training. She added clarinet as she joined the school orchestra and shortly after, taught herself guitar. Her love of music spans across genres to include a myriad of influences from blues, to folk, to alternative/industial, to electronic to reggae/ska/dub. Dance has also been a big part of her musical evolution and she found herself on the dancefloor as a club kid exploring the alternative music scene of the late 80s and 90s. With the inception of electronic music, she was lured by the surreal sounds of acts like Rabbit in the Moon, the Hardkiss brothers, Utah Saints, and 808 State. In her hometown of Sarasota, FL, there were local djs such as Johnny Boy and Mojo introducing the sounds of Jungle/DnB where she first heard the talents of 88.3 (feat Lisa May “Wishing on a Star”), DB, Peshay, Arena 39, Chuckleberry, and Goldie.

Jett cut her first vocal demo in “99” with a local Sarasota producer. The demo landed in the hands of Mike Nice (Mike and Charlie) with whom she collaborated on his album “Foundation Breaks”. She went on to be introduced to Micheal Brown of Black Reign Recordings/Point Audio Recordings who offered her a chance to record vocals for a couple of DnB producers he was working with and the rest is history.

Jett began work with amazing producers such as Kharm and Fluxem and has continued collaborating with producers worldwide, bringing her original vocal/lyrical ideas together with the unique and original music of such producers as LM1, Ghosts of Paraguay, Mr. Joseph, Division, BMK, Motta, Vento, A Daily Recommence, Pole Folder, Mr. Joseph, Crix, Man In A Room, ATP, Qumulus, Pete Rann, Subz, ID3, R:Monix, Danoo, Kubatko, Alexsander Markovich, Mage, Audio Habitat, to name a few. Beginning with Drum and Bass, her collaborations have expanded to include many different genres of musical composition such as IDM, Progressive House and Trance, DownTempo, Rock and other experimental forms such as Jazz and soundtrack styles, making it impossible to fit her work into a particular genre.

With more than 50 releases since 2006, Jett’s vocal collaborations have been heard on such influential podcasts as Bassdrive and LiquidsoundsUK. Her work can also be found on labels such as Offworld Recordings, Loodma, Point Audio,Telluric Recordings, Reworck, Audio Danger, Vibration, Purple Edge Recordings, In Da Jungle Recordings, Peer Pressure, Tympanik, Esprit, Corinthian, Kinetic, Liquid Brilliants, and Santorin.

Jett has started her own labels, Percussive Nature and Pretty Gritty Kitty (PGK), in an effort to escape the anonymity of simply being “the vocalist” and to bring a fairness to the world of musical artists and the financial trickle down that so often gets lost on the distribution end. Principle prevails!